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What to expect



The foundation of the SCE is to learn from nature and to pass the knowledge on. We strive towards giving the best experience to our participants as possible. 

What is it like to spend a longer time in the wilderness? Well first off, it brings a sense of peace. Once we have learned to shed the worries and toils of everyday life in the frontcountry a greater sence of awareness will most often kick in. The surrounding wilderness becomes more simple, interesting and alluring. The adventure starts calling. 

Out there we are on natures clock and there is no telling what is in store for each day. The group will face new adventures and learn new skills every single day. Our field coordinator will be at your side, mentoring each participant as time in the wild progresses. 

Your day might look like this: 



  • What's the weather like? Hopefully good but anything goes :) Wildlife is easier to see without the rain and fog. 

  • Sleeping arrangements. Tents are essential to keep us safe in the areas that we will be in. Between 2-4 people in the same tent. 

  • Health and safety. Your field coordinator will be going through the camp, checking everyones health to make sure all are ready for the days activities.

SCV_web 103.jpg


  • Time to cook breakfast. This will be done over the fire, on solo stoves or gas cookers, depending on how deep in the wilderness we are. Everyone will take turns in cooking and cleaning up. If you're not used to cooking for many people, don't worry. All recipes and your field coordinator will be close by. 

  • Morning brief. Time for a navigational excercise or is it time to check the camera traps? What species will be the focus of the day? We will go through all while cooking and eating our breakfast.

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  • The activities of the day. A day can consist of an array of different tasks and learning experiences. You can be assigned an observation post for scouting wildlife or head off into the wilderness in search of tracks and signs. You will also learn how to monitor an array of different species. 

  • Take a leading role. During an expedition, participants will all be put into leading roles to grow and get comfortable making desicions for the group. You might be split up into smaller groups and perform tasks on your own without the immediate supervision of your field coordinator. 

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  • Whats for dinner? Like at breakfast, participants will all be helping out with cooking. Vegetarian dishes are served with meat as an option on the side. 

  • Relaxing around the fire. This is the time to talk about the day, our experiences and to just relax.  

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