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The conditions below are applicable from the 2022.06.01

1. Contract

  • 1.1 The contract is binding from when the participant has booked their place on a expedition or project. By booking a place on an expedition or project the participant have accepted the terms and conditions that are stated below.

2. Participant

  • 2.1 The main participant is the person who's name is stated in the booking. The main participant is financially responsible for the booking.

  • 2.2 The participant must be 18 years of age by the start date of any expedition or project. 

  • 2.3 The participant is required to have a complete travel insurance with evacuation protection for the entire duration of the exepedition or project.  

  • 2.4 It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they are in correct physical form that is stated in the expedition or project description. 

  • 2.5 If a participant is unsure of their physical form before an exepdtion they should and it is their own responsibility to consult a doctor before the start of an expedition or project. 

  • 2.6 The participant is required to follow the directions the expedition guide or project staff or any other person that Wild Scandinavia has chosen to guide an expedition or lead a project.

  • 2.7 If a participant violates the directions of the guide or staff from Wild Scandinavia or do not adhere to expedition or project rules, Wild Scandinavia reserves the right to exclude the participant from the expedtion or project. 

  • 2.8 The participant is liable for any damages done due to their own carelessness or disregards for the rules of the expedition or project.

3. Prices and fees

  • 3.1 Price of expedition or project is stated on the website

  • 3.2 Booking fee is a first downpayment of the total sum for the expedition or project. The size of the booking fee is stated at the time of booking before the payment is made.

  • 3.3 The remaining fee for the expedition or project is to be payed no later than 60 days before the start date. 

  • 3.4 It is the responsibility of the participant to pay the remaining fee on time. If the fee is not payed on time a reminders fee will be issued.

  • 3.5 Wild Scandinavia reserves the right to give up a participants place on the expedition or project should the payment be delayed.

4. Cancellation and re-booking

  • 4.1 Participants are free to cancel their trips at any time

  • 4.2 Cancellation must always be done in writing

  • 4.3 The booking fee is never re-fundable

  • 4.4 If cancellation is done within 60 days of the start date of the expedition, the expedition fees are non-refundable.

  • 4.5 A participant reserves the right to transfer their place and fee onto another person up to 10 days before the start of any expedition or project. There will be a transfer fee of 200 EUR.

  • 4.6 Participants are responsible for making sure that they are fully covered by a travel insurence before the start of any expedition or project.

  • 4.7 Participants reserve the right to re-book their trip to a later dates specified by Wild Scandinavia. Provided that there are still availiable places. 

5. Reimbursement

  • 5.1 Wild Scandinavia will NOT reimburse delays or costs that might occur from the following:

  1. Force major (i.e war and other conflict, natural disasters)

  2. Delayed arrival to the start point of expedition or project

  3. Accident before, during or after expedition, project or activity

  4. Death due to sickness or accident

  5. Weatherconditions that make expedition or project impossible to carry out

  6. Delayed return due to unforseen events beyond the control of Wild Scandinavia

  7. Electric failiure

  8. Eventual additional cost for participants inside and outside of an expedition or project.

  9. Lost baggage

  10. Evacuation due to injury or illness.

  11. Evacuation due to lacking physical condiditon.

6. Additional costs for evacuation

  • 6.1 All additional costs for an eventual evacuation is payed by the participant. These may include:

  1. Transport to an actual place by car, airplane, bus or other vehicle​

  2. Evacuation by helicopter

  3. Extra costs for other staff, drivers, porters, guides

  4. Hospital costs

  5. Extra nights at hotell

  6. Extra food at hotell

  • It is the responsibility of the participant to save eventual receipts in order to claim reimbursement from insurance companies.

Please contact us for any questions.

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