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Vital skills for future careers and adventures

We operate on a "no previous experience required" basis. With over 17 years in the business, our experience has shown us that most anyone with any level of experience can follow our expeditions into the wilderness. The things you need are only a healthy sense of exploration and a willingness to learn. 


We focus on two parts in our teaching. The first consist of the essential wilderness skills that are vital to actually being able live and be operational in the backcountry. Navigating, bushcrafting, finding suitable campsites and first aid are only a few of the skills that you will learn on our expeditions. 

The second part consists of the many technical tasks that future scientists and field personnel needs to be comfortable in performing, sometimes in very harsh conditions. With us you will learn setting up areas for wildlife monitoring, different monitoring techniques, handling field equipment and more. 

Our programs take place in some of the wildest, most untouched areas of Europe. This has a dual purpose, the first being that it is extremely rewarding and spectacular to just be in such areas. The second purpose is that after an expedition into such a place, most things surrounding outdoor life will seem easy to our participants. 

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